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info eTAG/webDEALER: County Out-of-State Buyer Tag Payment Process

For your convenience, the TxDMV is providing step by step instructions on how to process Out-of-State Buyer Tag Payments.

County Out-of-State Buyer Tag Payment Process (2 minutes)

info eLICENSING: Dealer Complaints

For your convenience, the TxDMV is providing step by step instructions on how to file dealer complaints using the new eLICENSING system.

Filing a Dealer Complaint in eLICENSING - For Tax Assessor-Collectors

eLICENSING for Tax Assessor-Collectors: How to Submit a Complaint (6 minutes)

info New and Revised Learning Modules

In response to recent concerns related to fraud detection training, The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) would like to introduce a new eLearning training series created by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

AAMVA’s Fraud Detection & Remediation (FDR) program is the industry’s premier fraud training used by DMV’s, law enforcement, federal agencies, and corporations worldwide. AAMVA’s training modules and supplements develop skills in the authentication of documents in more than 12 categories.

FDR is the most comprehensive anti-fraud toolbox available. The modularized eLearning suite provides invaluable training to anyone handling secure documents or sensitive transactions. Although this training is not mandatory, the TxDMV recognizes the importance of making this training available. Today’s technology-rich environment opens the door for fraudsters to expand their sphere of influence and corrupt the seemingly incorruptible. By arming your staff with knowledge to combat the ever-changing methods of corruption, your county will be playing a vital role in the reduction of fraud and the protection of our citizens.

This training is located on the TxDMV training portal located at The training is modularized, and with the aid of the AAMVA Fraud Detection and Remediation training implementation plan, your county will be well on its way to protecting itself and from fraud.

Training Modules Include:

FDR Level 1 – Core

  • Intro to Fraud
  • Security Features
  • Counterfeits and Alterations
  • People and Actions
  • FDR Tools

FDR Level 1 – Driver

  • Birth Certificates
  • DLs and IDs
  • Travel Documents
  • Social Security Cards
  • Immigration Documents
  • Military IDs
  • High Quality Counterfeits 1

FDR Level 1 – Vehicle

  • Vehicle Documents
  • NMVTIS Investigation Tools

FDR Level 2

  • Intro to Covert Features
  • Expanding the Review
  • High Quality Counterfeits 2

FDR for Managers/Administrators

  • Administrator’s 15
  • Administrator’s 15 Focus Modules
  • Internal Fraud for Managers

Documents for download:

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles would like to thank you for joining us in our efforts to reduce fraud and improve the services we provide to the Texas motoring public.

Go To TxDMV Learning Center

infoRTS Refactoring & Cognos

For your convenience, all documents and training relating to this topic have been grouped in one place. The RTS Refactoring Resources page is easily accessible from the Toolbox or the link below.

RTS Refactoring Resources


List of Counties Actively Using webDEALER

webDEALER 3.1.1 County User Guide

webDEALER County User Guide Addendum 4.1.0

webDEALER 3.1.1 Dealer User Guide

webDEALER Dealer User Guide Addendum 4.1.0

webDEALER 3.1.1 Commercial Fleet Buyer User Guide

webDEALER 3.1.0 Release Notes

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Downloadable webinar videos are provided below the Webinars heading. Additional materials are available below under the Presentations heading, including copies of the PowerPoint presentations used in some of the webinars.


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RTS Release Notes


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Add Location for Agent/TAC Job Aid

New User Login Job Aid

Add an Administrator Job Aid

Processing Registration Job Aid

Manual Inspection Verification Job Aid

Managing Batches Job Aid

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webDEALER 3.1.0 Release Notes


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