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Permit Office Holiday Hours and Oversize/Overweight Movement Restrictions

Office Hours

Normal hours of operation for the Motor Carrier Division Austin Permit Office are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday and 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. NOTE: The toll-free phone line shuts down 30 minutes prior to the end of office hours each day. Offices are closed on the following holidays:

Office Closed Holiday Day of Week
1/1/19 New Year's Day Tuesday
1/19/19 Saturday before MLK Day Saturday
1/21/19 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Monday
2/16/19 Saturday before Presidents' day Saturday
2/18/19 Presidents' Day Monday
5/25/19 Saturday Prior to Memorial Day Saturday
5/27/19 Memorial Day Monday
7/4/19 Independence Day Thursday
8/31/19 Saturday Prior to Labor Day Saturday
9/2/19 Labor Day Monday
11/9/19 Saturday Prior to Veterans Day Saturday
11/11/19 Veterans Day Monday
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Day Thursday
11/29/19 Day after Thanksgiving Day Friday
11/30/19 Saturday after Thanksgiving Day Saturday
12/24/19 Christmas Eve Day Tuesday
12/25/19 Christmas Day Wednesday
12/26/19 Day after Christmas Day Thursday

NOTE: Permits that require coordination with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) may be delayed when that agency is closed during a holiday that the TxDMV Oversize/Overweight Permits office is open.

Super Heavy
Movement Restrictions

The movement of super heavy loads is suspended during select holidays unless an exception is granted by TxDMV.

No Movement Resume Movement Holiday
1/1/19 1/2/2019 New Year's Day
5/27/19 5/28/2019 Memorial Day
7/4/19 7/5/2019 Independence Day
9/2/19 9/3/2019 Labor Day
11/28/19 11/29/2019 Thanksgiving Day
12/25/19 12/26/2019 Christmas Day

Holiday Movement

The movement of loads exceeding 14-feet wide, 16-feet high or 110-feet long and all manufactured housing is suspended during select holidays unless an exception is granted by TxDMV.

No Movement allowed Holiday
1/1/19 New Year's Day
5/27/19 Memorial Day
7/4/19 Independence Day
9/2/19 Labor Day
11/28/19 Thanksgiving Day
12/25/19 Christmas Day

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