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Sponsoring a Specialty License Plate

New specialty plate designs may be proposed by the public, the legislature, the specialty plates vendor, non-profit and for-profit organizations. Please refer to our brochure for more details.

How to Propose a Specialty License Plate

Application Process

Please complete an application and submit it with your plate design. All designs must meet the guidelines set in our template.

VTR-950 Application for Organizational Specialty License Plates

TxDMV License Plate Specifications

Specialty License Plate 5 Character Template

Specialty License Plate 6 Character Template

Approval process and time frame

We will review your application for completeness and your license plate design to ensure it meets specifications and it is not similar to an existing plate’s design. Next, we will upload your plate design on our website for a 10-day period of public comment known as eView. Finally, your plate will be presented to the TxDMV Board for its consideration during a public meeting.

We will work with you throughout the process, which typically takes up to six months. Changes to a design or the TxDMV's Board meeting schedule could extend the time.

The TxDMV does not limit the number of plate designs it approves. Each application is given full consideration.

Next Steps

If the TxDMV Board does not approve your plate application, you may apply for a new plate.

If the TxDMV Board does approve your plate application, an $8,000 deposit is required before your plate can be produced. The deposit offsets TxDMV’s initial costs to produce, sell, and distribute the plate.

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