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Oversize/Overweight Permits

Vehicles and loads that exceed legal size or weight limits need an oversize/overweight (OS/OW) permit and route from the TxDMV to travel on Texas roads.

txprosFor assistance in determining the permit types available for your vehicle and/or load, log in to the Texas Permitting & Routing Optimization System (TxPROS) and select the Permit Wizard, or call us at (800) 299-1700.

The normal hours of operation for our Oversize/Overweight Permits Office are 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  REMINDER: The toll-free phone line shuts down 30 minutes prior to the end of office hours each day.

Texas Size & Weight Limits

Permit Options


General Single-Trip

  • Non-divisible load
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B

Manufactured Housing Single-Trip

  • Transport manufactured housing and industrialized buildings and housing
  • Single, continuous movement from point A to point B
  • Valid for five days

Portable Building

  • Transport portable buildings and compatible cargo
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B

Super Heavy

  • Non-divisible load
  • Gross weight may exceed 254,300 lbs. or 200,000 lbs. with less than 95 feet of axle spacing
  • May exceed maximum permit weights on axle or axle group

House Move

  • Transport houses that exceed 20-feet wide
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B
container ship

Intermodal Shipping Container Port Permit

  • Intermodal shipping containers
  • Travel within 30 miles of port authorities or ports of entry
  • Valid for one year

Crane & Well Service Unit Mileage

  • Unladen lift equipment
  • Fixed-load machinery used to drill, service or clean oil wells
  • Single, continuous movement

Self-Propelled Off Road Equipment

  • Drive off-road equipment on state roadways
  • Single, continuous movement from Point A to Point B

Temporary Registration

  • Temporary movement of vehicles without proper registration
  • Document carried in cab of vehicle, not a paper display tag
  • 72-hour, 144-hour or one-trip
30 60 90 Day Width or Length

30/60/90 Day Width or Length

  • Non-divisible loads
  • Use width and length permits in conjunction with one another
  • Select 30, 60 or 90 day effective period

Company Specific Envelope

  • Non-divisible loads
  • Can be used to operate any truck owned or leased by company one at a time
  • Valid for one year

Vehicle Specific Envelope

  • Non-divisible loads
  • Valid for one year

Fracing Trailer

  • Semitrailer containing a tank and pump unit
  • Valid for one year


  • Transport round bales of hay
  • Side-by-side loading
  • Valid for one year

Quarterly Hubometer

  • Drive or transport hubometer-equipped fixed-load machinery and cranes
  • Mileage based fees
  • Valid for 91 days

Implements of Husbandry

  • Transport farm implements used to till soil
  • Valid for one year
  • Transport and spread fertilizer
  • Deliver feed to livestock

Manufactured Housing Annual

  • Transport new homes to temporary storage location (20 mile radius)
  • May be used by multiple vehicles
  • Valid for one year

Mobile Crane (Annual)

  • Unladen lift equipment
  • Valid for one year

Well Servicing Unit (Annual)

  • Legal size and weight units
  • Must have Texas "P" (Permit) plate
  • Valid for one year

Over Axle/Over Gross Weight Tolerance

  • Haul divisible commodities
  • Travel on state-maintained and county roads in select counties
  • Valid for one year

Rig-Up Truck

  • Truck equipped with a winch and gin poles
  • Valid for one year

Utility Pole

  • Transport poles required for electrical power transmission and line distribution
  • Night movement allowed for emergencies
  • Valid for one year

Water Well Drilling Machinery & Equipment

  • Self-propelled or mounted machinery used exclusively for drilling water wells
  • Valid for one year

Annual Timber Permit

  • Transport unrefined timber, wood chips or woody biomass
  • Travel on state-maintained and county roads in select counties
  • Valid for one year

Ready-Mixed Concrete Trucks

  • Trucks operating on three axles
  • Travel on state-maintained and county roads in select counties
  • Valid for one year

Annual Length Permit

  • Non-divisible overlength loads
  • Valid for one year

Federal Disaster Relief Permit

  • To deliver relief supplies (entire load must be relief supplies)
  • To assist in expediting debris removal
  • Expires 120 days from date of President's disaster declaration

North Texas Intermodal Permits

  • Intermodal shipping containers
  • Travel within five miles of Texas/Arkansas border
  • Valid for one year
milk permit image

Fluid Milk Transport Permit

  • Transport fluid milk
  • Travel on dairy routes approved by TxDOT
  • Valid for one year

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