Multi-Year Fleet Registration

TxDMV's online Multi-Year Intrastate Fleet Registration Program is available to individuals or businesses registering 12 or more Intrastate (Texas only) non-specialized plated units. This program makes it convenient for registrants to keep their vehicle registration and inspections current.

A commercial fleet is a group of at least 12 units that do not have another plate designation such as: apportioned, permit, forestry, exempt, handicapped. There is no maximum number of units you can have within a fleet.

Your fleet can include multiple vehicle classes such as passenger cars, trucks, buses, mopeds, motorcycles, token trailers, combination power units and trailers. There is not a maximum number of fleets a company can utilize on one account. All units within a fleet will have the same expiration date.

You can select a registration period of not less than one year and not more than eight years.

License plates are manufactured with the month and year of expiration, eliminating the annual registration sticker requirement. You have the choice of selecting a standard license plate or a custom logo license plate, which will be manufactured with your company name and/or logo. Custom logo license plates must be pre-approved by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles prior to beginning the multi-year fleet registration process.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for Multi-Year Intrastate Fleet Registration, send us an email at or call (800) 299-1700 option 5 then option 2.

Your vehicle is not issued an inspection sticker; your cab card or registration receipt will serve as proof of inspection and registration. The Multi-Year Fleet registration helps you to streamline this process by providing a 75 day and 45 day reminder when it is time to have your fleet inspected. Our online inspection maintenance utility gives you the ease of looking up all of the units in your fleet at one time rather than checking one by one. Non-commercial inspected units will sync to the new month of expiration you choose. Commercial vehicles do not sync to the registration month and must remain inspected at all times in accordance with FMCSA part 396.17. We will collect the State’s portion of the inspection fee annually.

Fees and Payment Information

Registration fees, a one-time $10 per unit commercial fleet fee, applicable local county fees, plate fees and P&H fees, less the prorated existing registration credit, will be collected for the entire registration period selected at the time of initial registration.

License plate fees:

  • Standard license plates: one-time license plate manufacturing fee of $1.50 for each plate or set of plates.
  • Custom logo license plates: one-time license plate manufacturing fee of $8.00 for each plate or set of plates.

Registration fees are payable online via electronic check (ACH) or credit card; or by check or money order at one of our Regional Service Centers.

More Information

A prorated credit for Texas registration is applied for any existing registration when a unit is added to the fleet. When deleting or exchanging a unit, a prorated credit for registration and fleet fees will be applied to your account. Credits are stored at the account level and applied to future transactions. All applicable local county fees will still apply.

If the gross vehicle weight of your vehicle is 55,000 pounds or more, Federal law requires that proof of payment of the Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) be provided at time of vehicle licensing application.

The State of Texas has a mandatory financial responsibility law. The most common proof of financial responsibility is a Texas liability insurance card issued by the insurance company. In some situations non-trucking, cargo and/or bobtail insurance is not acceptable.

Important Notice: Effective June 1, 2022, digital license plates (DLP) are available for purchase in Texas as an electronic display device for eligible commercial fleet vehicles as defined in state law. Senate Bill 604, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, 2019, authorized the use of DLPs in Texas for commercial fleet vehicles, vehicles owned by governmental entities, and vehicles not registered as passenger vehicles. Transportation Code, Section 502.001(6), defines "commercial fleet" as a group of at least 12 non-apportioned motor vehicles, semitrailers, or trailers owned, operated, or leased by a business entity. Like specialty license plates, DLPs are an optional purchase for eligible vehicles; however, under Transportation Code, Section 504.154, non-commercial passenger cars may not display a DLP. Eligible commercial fleet owners interested in upgrading to digital plates or reviewing pricing options may visit