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Statutes & Rules

The state statutes and administrative rules that govern Texas Motor Vehicle Dealers, distributors, converters and manufacturers that are applicable to Lemon Law or the General Warranty Rights Programs are available on this page.


Texas Occupations Code Annotated

General Warranty Complaints:

Section 2301.204

Warranties: Rights of Vehicle Owners (Lemon Law):

Subchapter M - Sections 2301.601 – 2301.613

Judicial Review - Appeal:

Sections 2301.751 – 2301.755

Texas Transportation Code

Dealer's and Manufacturer's Vehicle License Plates:

Transportation Code Chapter 503


Texas Administrative Code

Motor Vehicle Distribution:

43 TAC – Chapter 215

Warranty Performance Obligations:

43 TAC – Chapter 215 – Subchapter G

Salvage Vehicle Dealers:

43 TAC – Chapter 221

Advertising Requirements

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