Travis County Sheriff's Combined Auto Theft Task Force


509 West 11th St., Austin, TX 78701


SCATTF removes most of the jurisdictional limitations, (which thieves use against law enforcement) by allowing officers to cross county lines when investigating Auto Theft and Motor Vehicle related crimes. Because SCATTF has inter-local agreements with the included counties, the Task Force is able to operate smoothly and with joint effort. SCATTF also has a very good working relationship with the Austin PD's Auto Theft Interdiction Unit, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (Investigators) and other Auto Theft Task Forces. Several of our personnel are also TAVTI Board members and Directors. This being the 17th year of participation in the grant process shows the commitment that the Sheriffs and County Officials in the participating counties have in wanting to reduce Auto Theft and their related crimes including Burglary of Vehicles. It should be noted that the Sheriffs that participate in this Task Force give back. They pay for their Agents' fuel, maintenance and insurance on the Task Force vehicles. They also cover fringe benefits for their Agents. Our Sheriffs have a vested interest in this program. SCATTF's Goals and Objectives include but are not limited to: field operations, sign board operations, training, interdictions/enforcement, public awareness, inspections and investigations, title and license plate operations, and insurance fraud investigations.