Laredo Auto Theft Task Force

Laredo Police ATTF-1

4712 Maher Ave., Laredo, TX 78041


Laredo ATTF provides additional resources to enhance the capacity of all police agencies in Webb County in order to impact the crime of auto theft. The Task Force includes all jurisdictions in Webb County regardless of whether an agency is participating in the Task Force or not. The exclusive objective of the Laredo ATTF is to deter, investigate and prosecute vehicle theft and burglary of vehicles. Laredo ATTF has established a proactive centralized auto theft investigation team that engages in a multi-disciplinary approach utilizing local, state and federal investigators. The Team identifies local trends and patterns of vehicle theft through collective crime analysis. The Team provides public education concerning burglary of vehicle, motor vehicle theft, and insurance fraud, and implement needed prevention and deterrence programs such as "Lock, Take, Hide." We focus on increasing the number of arrests of vehicle theft suspects, particularly the professional thieves participating in the surgical stripping, renumbering and exporting of stolen vehicles. Laredo ATTF targets specific locations that are used in connection with vehicle thefts, such as "Chop Shops" and legitimate businesses used for illegal activities.