Dallas Commercial Auto Theft Interdiction Squad


1400 S. Lamar, Dallas, TX 75215


The Dallas Auto Theft Task Force was one of the first grants funded to deter auto theft crime through public awareness and increased proactive enforcement. We seek to execute a strong proactive and reactive force in the furtherance of the goal to reduce auto theft and burglaries in the Dallas area and surrounding cities. The objective of the Task Force is the detection and apprehension of suspects engaged in the dismantling and selling of stolen vehicles or parts in the Dallas Area. We use new technology such as bait vehicles for the apprehension of suspects committing these crimes. We also assist in training other officers in various areas of vehicle identification. Our Public Awareness Campaign also helps to educate the public and works with a grassroots program to reach the community as it seeks new ideas on how to prevent crimes related to auto theft and the burglaries of motor vehicles.