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List of Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Notice of Vehicles Awaiting Authority to Demolish

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles received a petition to demolish the vehicles listed below. Pursuant to statute, the department is required to provide notice to all owner(s) and lienholder(s) of their right to claim the vehicle. This serves as notice an application has been submitted to the department for authorization to dispose of the motor vehicle listed below to a motor vehicle demolisher. The motor vehicle’s owners or lienholders have the right to claim the motor vehicle not later than the 20th day after the date the notice is published. Failure to notify the department the vehicle has been claimed before the 21st day after the date the notice is published waives a person’s rights, title, and interest in the motor vehicle, and is considered consent for the department to issue to the applicant a certificate of authority under Transportation Code, Section 683.054, to dispose of the motor vehicle to a motor vehicle demolisher. The owner(s) or lienholder(s) may notify the department the vehicle has been claimed by calling the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division at (512) 465-5659, option #1.
Note: A motor vehicle must be destroyed once the department issues a Certificate of Authority.

Body StyleMakeModelPhysical LocationPosting DateVINYear
BUCHEVBU2195 BENTON CREEK RD, MEDINA TX 780551/3/20194S622S2280331960
PKMACKPK7440 DONIPHAN, CANUTILLO, TX 798351/3/20191M2P282C9MM0013171991
PKMACKPK7440 DONIPHAN, CANUTILLO, TX 798351/3/20191M2P156C8MM0012101991
CVDATSCV32 CR 2327, DAYTON, TX 775351/3/2019SRL311138061968
2DVW2D102 S 3RD ST, MULLIN, TX 768641/3/201921562091958
2DVW2D102 S 3RD ST, MULLIN, TX 768641/10/20192158201958
PKCHEVPK1241 STATE HWY 110 NM RUSK TX 757851/10/2019CS147S1660981960
FTAMERFT14655 FM 878 W, CLEVELAND TX1/15/20191AFAB1187C1A175831982
FBINT'LFB8594 LABELLE RD, BEAUMONT TX 777051/17/2019SB299987E1969
VNDODGVN311 LISKA RD, ENNIS TX 751191/17/20192D4FP44323R2860332003
4DTOYT4D3421 N DUNCAN, PAMPA TX 790651/17/2019JTDKB20U6775829642007
LLFORDLL800 HILL, KENNARD, TX 758471/17/20191FMRU1762XLA320441999
2DCHEV2D5000 IH 30, GREENVILLE, TX 754021/17/20192G1FP22KXW21233531998
PKFORDPK1196 COOK RD, GRAFORD TX 764491/18/2019F60C9K394701959
4DBUIC4D1196 COOK RD, GRAFORD TX 764491/18/2019454399C1209121969
4DTOYT4D5000 IH 30, GREENVILLE, TX 754021/18/2019JT2BG22K0W01125721998

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