Tyler District Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

County Road Structure Height and Location
Anderson SH294 14' just east of US79.
Gregg SH135 14' SB, 13'6" NB approximately 3/4 mile south of SH31.
  SP63 SB 14' just south of US80.
Rusk SH323 13'6" approximately 1/2 mile east of SH135 in Overton
  FM1513 13'6" approximately 3/4 mile east of SH42.
Smith US69/SH64/SH110 14' just south of SH31.
  SH31 13'6" WB, 14' EB just east of US69.
  W.LP323 13'6" SB, 14' NB, 1/4 mile south of SH31.



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