Permit Surety Bonds

If you are not required to obtain TxDMV Motor Carrier Registration (MCR) or Unified Carrier Registration (UCR), you may be required to file a surety bond with the TxDMV in an amount set by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and payable to TxDOT for any damage that might be sustained to the highway because of the operation of the equipment for which a permit is issued.

How to File

Permit surety bonds are available through insurance and bonding companies.

You must file your bond with TxDMV. We encourage you to fax the completed bond and mail the original immediately by regular mail.

An electronic or fax copy of the bond is valid for 10 days only after which the original bond must be on file with TxDMV to obtain a permit.

The bond must meet the following requirements:

  • Filed with TxDMV before a permit is issued.
  • Issued and signed by a resident Texas agent or issued by a non-resident agent with a valid Texas insurance license on behalf of an authorized insurance company.
  • Issued on Form 439 for $10,000.
  • Must have a seal or power of attorney.
  • Signed by an authorized person from the company requesting the bond.
  • The company name and address is printed on the face of the bond.

A certificate of continuation is not acceptable. The bond must be renewed every year prior to August 31.

Fax bond to: (512) 465-4251

Mail or Overnight bond to:
TxDMV Attn: MCD-Permits
4000 Jackson Avenue
Austin, TX 78731

More Information

Visit the Texas Department of Insurance website for information about bonding agents or companies that may issue permit surety bonds. Please contact the specific company for fee information. The TxDMV is not able to refer or recommend a specific agent or company.

Venue of a suit for recovery on the bond is in Travis County.

By administrative rule making, the department has adopted the following rules concerning surety bond requirements:

  • within the effective period of an Annual Bond (September 1 through August 31), all owned or leased vehicles to that company may be eligible for oversize/overweight permits;
  • bonds must be permit surety bonds executed on the standard form or facsimiles thereof (facsimiles will only be valid for ten days, original must be received after that time for continued permit issuance);
  • bonds must be in the amount of $10,000;
  • the name of the Principal must be the same throughout the form;
  • the Principal's home town address and zip code must be shown;
  • all signatures are required on both original and facsimile and
  • the seal of the surety must be affixed.

Fourteen-day termination evidence must be given so the appropriate permit personnel can be notified in case the bond is cancelled prior to its expiration date.