This section provides motor vehicle dealers with abbreviated guidelines, observations or considerations to increase the dealer's success in complying with the Texas Rules and Statutes.

Advertising Update
The Do's and Don'ts of Advertising with Coupons

The guidelines below were compiled from over 600 complaints received by TxDMV as well as dialogue with industry organizations.

Keep in mind that ALL advertisements, regardless of format, must be compliant with TxDMV advertising rules. Advertise "free" items in your coupon if the vehicle can be purchased or leased for a lesser price without the merchandise or enticement, or if the price of the vehicle has been increased to cover the cost or any part of the cost of the merchandise or enticement.
As a starting point, always ask "Is the advertisement false, deceptive, or misleading?" Advertise a savings claim or discount offer on used motor vehicles with your coupon.
Inform customers on the face of the coupon that any amount listed is only available to be used toward a lease if that is the case. Make guarantees or claims in your coupon that you cannot support with facts and evidence.
Disclose the conditions and requirements necessary for a consumer to receive any advertised cash amount. Use your coupon to advertise a guaranteed amount for a consumer trade-in.
Fully disclose that your coupon only pertains to one specific vehicle by listing a stock number if you only intend to honor the coupon for that one vehicle. Advertise in a misleading or deceptive manner. Consumer protection statutes in every state protect against these types of actions and if you are caught attempting to deceive consumers, the punishment can be more than monetary - your business reputation will also suffer.
Let the consumer know if your coupon only applies toward the purchase of a demonstrator or factory executive/official vehicle. Think you can "write yourself" out of having to comply with the rules by hiding all the important information into a disclaimer at the bottom of the coupon using a small type or font.
Remember that any featured savings claim or discount offer for a new motor vehicle, when advertised, must be the savings claim or discount which is available to any and all members of the buying public. Mislead consumers as to which vehicle or vehicles your coupon applies to by using confusing layouts, headlines, illustrations, or type or font size in your coupon, especially if it is part of a boarded advertisement.