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This is the content in my card.

Name Breed Color Age
Mr. Jingles Yorkie Black / Gold 17
Champ Yorkie Blue / Grey / Silver 13
Henry Border Terrier Gold 9
Charlie ??? White 2

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Charles Bacarisse

Customer (Public) Representative, Houston TX. Term ends February 1, 2025.

Charles Bacarisse, of Houston, is vice president of major gifts at Houston Baptist University. He is a board member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals – Houston Chapter and board member of the Texas Department of Information Resources.

Bacarisse served for 13 years as the District Clerk of Harris County, and is a former board member of County and District Clerks Association of Texas, Neighborhood Centers Inc. and Downtown Houston Association. Bacarisse received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University.

Charles Bacarisse was appointed in March 2019 by Governor Abbott for a term to expire on February 1, 2025.

Gary Painter

Law Enforcement, Midland TX. Term ends February 1, 2021.

Gary Painter, of Midland, is Sheriff of Midland County and has over 45 years of law enforcement service. He is a lifetime member of the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas and a member of the National Sheriffs’ Association, Western States Sheriffs’ Association, Southwest Border Sheriffs’ Coalition and the Texas Police Association. He is a gubernatorial appointee on the Commission on Jail Standards, president of the Midland County Bail Bond Board, board member of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force, and a member of the Interoperable Communications Board and Law Enforcement Academy Board for the Permian Basin Planning Commission. Painter received a Bachelor of Science in police administration.

Gary Painter was appointed in August 2016 by Governor Abbott for a term to expire on February 1, 2021.