Exhibitions and Shows

New vehicle shows and exhibitions are regularly scheduled public events that feature multiple new vehicle vendors. Product specialists, sales, or other expert staff are typically on hand to educate consumers about new models and features in the new motor vehicles on display.

Events are governed by the:

  • Texas Occupations Code §2301.358,
  • Texas Transportation Code Chapter §503.003 and §728.002
  • Texas Administrative Code, Title 43, Chapter 215.

Texas law allows a license holder to display or sell certain types of motor vehicles at shows and exhibitions if the license holder notifies the Motor Vehicle Division before the event takes place. No fee is required.

This chart summarizes current law:

New Vehicle Shows & Exhibitions
Vehicle Type License Holders Who May Display at Events License Holders Who May Sell at Events Requires Notice to TxDMV?
Ambulances All Franchised Dealers Yes
Fire-Fighting Vehicles All Franchised Dealers Yes
Motor Homes All Franchised Dealers Yes
Tow Trucks All Underlying Chassis Franchised Dealers Yes
Towable Recreational Vehicles All Franchised Dealers Yes
Automobiles All None Yes
Buses All None Yes
Converted Vehicles All None Yes
Independent Mobility All None Yes
Motorcycles & Autocycles All None Yes
Motor Scooters & Mopeds All None Yes
Trucks (all types) All None Yes
All-Terrain Vehicles All None Yes
Neighborhood Vehicles All None Yes
Utility Vehicles All None Yes
Utility Trailers/Semitrailers All All No

License holders must be licensed for the specific vehicle type and line-make displayed or sold, and include manufacturers, distributors, converters, and dealers depending on the vehicle type.

License holders who are not legally authorized to sell a new motor vehicle at shows or exhibitions may only display a Manufacturer’s Standard Retail Price (MSRP) or a Monroney label or sticker in or near each vehicle. License holders who are authorized to sell vehicles at shows and exhibitions must follow the same rules that apply to vehicle sales at their licensed locations.

Show or exhibition advertising must comply with TxDMV’s advertising rules found in 43 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §§ 215.241 - 215.271 Texas Administrative Code- Advertising Rules.

Failing to timely file the notification or providing incomplete or inaccurate information may be used as evidence and result in civil penalties.

How to Notify the Motor Vehicle Division

License holders complete Notification Form Exhibition and Show Notification (MVD-NF101). Completed forms must be emailed to MVD-Show_and_Exhibitions@TxDMV.gov or faxed to (512) 465-4135. Please keep a copy for your records.

New Motor Vehicle Displays Not Requiring Notice

Not all public displays of new motor vehicles qualify as a show or exhibition. A license holder is not required to provide notice for the following:

  • a public display of a new motor vehicle if the license holder’s employee or agent will not be present at the display;
  • a public display of a new motor vehicle at a charity, civic, or community event (e.g. fundraisers, rodeos, parades, and fairs); or
  • a new vehicle displayed at a private event that is not open to the public.

Utility trailer/semi-trailer license holders are not required to give notice before participating in a show or exhibition.