Fort Worth District Structures with Low Vertical Clearance

County Road Structure Height and Location
Hood US377 14' under a railroad approximately 1/2 mile ease of E.FM56 in Tolar.
Johnson S.BI35 in Alvarado 14' under S.IH35W.
  N.BI35 SB in Alvarado 13'6" under N.IH35W.
  FM3391/SP50 14' under IH35W.
Palo Pinto US281 14' at the Brazos River Truss Bridge in Brazos.
  US281 13'6" under a railroad approximately 4 1/2 miles north of IH20 in Brazos.
Sommervell US67 WB 13' at the Brazos River Truss Bridge in Nemo.
Tarrant JCT IH30 & SH183 13'6" SH183 NB to IH30 WB
14' SH183 SB to IH30 EB
14' IH30 EB to SH183 NB
13'6" IH30 WB to SH183 SB
  IH30 EB 13'6" EB under Green Oaks Rd in Fort Worth.
  IH30 14' under Ridgmar Rd/Ridglea Ave in Fort Worth.
  IH30/US377 EB 14' EB under Merrick St in Fort Worth.
  JCT IH30 & E.IH820 13'6" IH30 WB to IH820 NB
13'6" IH30 WB to IH820 SB.
  IH30 WB 13'6" under Sandy Ln & Morrison Dr in Fort Worth.
  IH30 13'6" EB, 14' WB under Fielder Rd in Arlington.
  IH35W 14' between S.BU287 and N.SH121 in Fort Worth<./td>
  JCT IH35W & N.IH820 14' NB @ N.IH820
14' EB at IH35W
14' IH35W NB to N.IH820 WB
  JCT E.IH820 & SP303 WB 14' IH820 NB to SP303 EB
14' IH820 SB to SP303 WB
14' WB under IH820
14' SP303 EB to IH820 NB
14' SP303 WB to IH820 NB
14' SP303 WB to IH820 SB
  E.IH820 EFR and WFR 14' under a railroad just south of SH180 in Fort Worth.
  JCT E.IH820 & SH180 13'6" NB on the EFR @ SH180
14' IH820 NB to SH180 EB
14' IH820 NB to SH180 WB
14' IH820 SB to SH180 EB
13'6" SH180 EB to IH820 EFR NB
14' EB to IH820 SB
14' WB to IH820 SB
13'6" NB to Craig St in Fort Worth
  BU287 in Fort Worth 13'6" under IH30.
  SH10 WB to SB 14' WB to SB at IH820.
  SH121 14' EB, 13'6" WB under Sylvania Ave in Fort Worth.
  SH180 14' under IH35W.
  SH183 13'6" under a railroad approximately 1 mile west of IH35W in Fort Worth.
  SH199 13' under IH30.h
  SP341 14' NB, 13'6" SB, approximately 1/4 of a mile south of the end of state maintenance.
  SP465 NB to WB 14' under SH183.
Wise BU380 in Decatur 14' under US287.



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