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List of Abandoned Motor Vehicles

Notice of Vehicles Awaiting Authority to Demolish

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles received a petition to demolish the vehicles listed below. Pursuant to statute, the department is required to provide notice to all owner(s) and lienholder(s) of their right to claim the vehicle. This serves as notice an application has been submitted to the department for authorization to dispose of the motor vehicle listed below to a motor vehicle demolisher. The motor vehicle’s owners or lienholders have the right to claim the motor vehicle not later than the 20th day after the date the notice is published. Failure to notify the department the vehicle has been claimed before the 21st day after the date the notice is published waives a person’s rights, title, and interest in the motor vehicle, and is considered consent for the department to issue to the applicant a certificate of authority under Transportation Code, Section 683.054, to dispose of the motor vehicle to a motor vehicle demolisher. The owner(s) or lienholder(s) may notify the department the vehicle has been claimed by calling the Vehicle Titles and Registration Division at (512) 465-5659, option #1.
Note: A motor vehicle must be destroyed once the department issues a Certificate of Authority.

Body StyleMakeModelPhysical LocationPosting DateVINYear
LLHONDCR-V2502 S 5TH ST, AUSTIN, TX 787049/12/2017JHLRD1842WC8003031998
4DCHEVNOVA10820 E HWY 67, MERTZON, TX 769419/12/20171Y1SK6844GZ2009891986
4DFORD4D6600 HWY 180 W, ALBANY, TX9/12/20172FABP74F2KX1833701989
4DDODG4D2455 FM 1047, HAMILTON, TX9/15/2017DL43G9D1789811969
4DPLYM4D2455 FM 1047, HAMILTON, TX9/15/2017203387721965
3DSAAB3D13705 THERMAL DR, AUSTIN, TX 787289/15/2017YS3AL35LXM50007831990
5DSAAB5D13705 THERMAL DR, AUSTIN, TX 787289/19/2017YS3DD55N9X20037531998
BUCHEVBUS595 CR 132, SAN SABA COUNTY, TX9/19/20172S622S1586661962
MCHONDMC1280 IH 10 S, BEAUMONT, TX9/21/2016MLHJF2807B50010372011

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