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Form # Title
2293 Dealer Payment Information and Credit Card Payment Form
ENF-PM1 Enforcement Payment and Mailing Instructions for Applications and Complaints
LF604 Application to Amend Business Entity
LF606 Criminal History
LF607 Report of Material Change in Criminal History
LF901 Affidavit and Application for Duplicate License
Form # Title
LF301 Application for New Motor Vehicle Converter License
LF321 Application to Amend Converter License
LF601 Ownership Form
LP301 Instructions for Completing Form LF301
Form # Title
LF101 Application for Franchised New Motor Vehicle Dealer's License
LF121 Application to Amend Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer's License
LF601 Ownership Form
LF131 Evidence of Franchise Form
LF621 Evidence of Relocation Form
LP022 Instructions for Completing Form LF101
Form # Title
LF001 Application for General Distinguishing Number (Independent Dealers)
LF002 Attachment to LF001 (Mobility Dealer Affirmation)
LF021 Application to Amend Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer's License
LF601 Ownership Form
LP011 Notice to Applicants Concerning License Purveyors
LP021 Instructions for Completing Form LF001
Form # Title
LF801 Application for In-Transit License
LF601 Ownership Form
LP401 Instructions for Completing Form LF801
Form # Title
LF502 Application for Motor Vehicle Lease Facilitator License
LF522 Application to Amend Lease Facilitator License
LF530 Lessor Exemption Form
LF601 Ownership Form
LP024 Instructions for Completing Form LF502
Form # Title
LF501 Application for Motor Vehicle Lessor License
LF521 Application to Amend Lessor License
LF530 Lessor Exemption Form
LF601 Ownership Form
LP024 Instructions for Completing Form LF501
Form # Title
LF201 Application for New Manufacturer-Distributor License
LF221 Application to Amend Manufacturer-Distributor License
LF601 Ownership Form
LP201 Instructions for Completing Form LF201
Form # Title
LF401 Application for New Representative License
LF422 Application to Amend Representative License
LF603 Representative Information Form
LP023 Instructions for Completing Form LF401
Form # Title
MVD-437-A Salvage Vehicle Agent License Application
MVD-438-A Salvage Vehicle Dealer License Application
VTR-902 For Export-only Sales Record


Form # Title
VTR-34-S Application for a Certified Copy of a Texas Nonrepairable or Salvage Vehicle Title
VTR-61 Rebuilt Vehicle Statement
VTR-63 Component Part(s) Bill of Sale
VTR-71-2 Application for Authority to Dispose of a Motor Vehicle to a Demolisher
VTR-203 Salvage Bill of Sale
VTR-207 Inventory of Component Parts Purchased
VTR-221 Statement of Fact for Out-of-State Evidence
VTR-331 Insurance Company or Salvage Pool Operator Statement of Fact
VTR-340 Receipt for Surrendered Titles and Other Evidence of Ownership
VTR-436 Owner Retained Report
VTR-441 Application for Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicle Title
VTR-901 Buyer's Certification of Export-only Sale (9/2003) English/Spanish Version
VTR-902 For Export-only Sales Record
VTR-903 Casual Sales Record

eTag &

Form # Title
LF701 Dealer Plate Application
LF702 Change to eTag Contact Information
LP703 Number of Metal Dealer Plates Allowed with License Renewals
VTR-35 Application for Dealer Personalized License Plates
VTR-420-UT Transfer of Military Specialty License Plates
VTR-615 Application for Disabled Veteran License Plates and Parking Placards


Form # Title
MVD-AS-RV1 Promoter Application: Vehicles Shows Where Sales Are Allowed
MVD-AS-RV2 Licensee Participant Application: Vehicles Shows Where Sales Are Allowed
MVD-SA Self-Authorization Form: Non-Selling Shows & Static Exhibitions of New Motor Vehicles
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Dealer Manual
Form # Title
Manual Motor Vehicle Dealer Manual
Order Form New Dealer Manual Request Form
Form # Title
ENF-CC1 Motor Vehicle Dealer Complaint Form
ENF-SAL-CC1 Salvage Dealer Complaint
ENF-PM1 Payment and Mailing Instructions for Applications and Complaints
Lemon Law
Form # Title
1969 Texas Lemon Law: Reacquired Vehicle Disclosure Statement
Complaint Procedure Texas Lemon Law: Notice of Complaint Procedure
Notice to Buyer Texas Lemon Law: Notice to Buyer
Sample Reacquired Vehicle - Hanging Label (Sample Only)


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