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TxDMV Careers

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
A GOOD place to work

There are many benefits to working for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Positive Workplace Culture

  • Open Communication - The executive team supports open communication, keeping employees informed about issues affecting the agency through meetings, email, and monthly conversation café discussions with the Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director.
  • Flexible Scheduling - The Texas DMV supports a healthy work-life balance by allowing flexible work hours and a compressed work week.
  • Telecommuting – Employees may telecommute when they meet eligibility criteria and are approved by their manager.
  • Casual Dress Code - Employees shall be neat, personally clean and wear clothing that is safe and appropriate to the requirements of their position and assigned working environment.
  • State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) – The SECC allows employees to give back to our community by making charitable contributions through monthly payroll deductions. Employees have the option of selecting from several hundred different charities that have been vetted as meeting strict legal requirements.
  • Wellness
    • Employees are granted eight hours of paid leave time every year if they receive a physical examination and complete an online health risk assessment.
    • Employees may use 30 minutes during normal working hours for exercise three times each week.
    • TxDMV participates in the annual Get Fit challenge, a ten-week statewide challenge to encourage regular exercise.
    • TxDMV provides free annual flu vaccinations for employees with health insurance and provides regular onsite blood drives.
    • Employees have access to programs for weight loss and weight management.
    • The fitness program is a flexible membership program employees can use to gain access to more than 9,000 fitness centers.
    • Employees have access to tobacco cessation resources that provide support when help is needed to quit tobacco.
    • The Well on Target wellness website provides tools to help set and reach wellness goals.
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) – The EAP provides all employees and their families free confidential face-to-face counseling. Employees receive up to six counseling sessions for each issue. Other EAP services provided at no cost to employees include:
    • Monthly webinars
    • Work Life Library
    • Law Access (library of law documents)
    • Monthly publications on health and wellness
    • Access to Help Net containing self-assessments, personal growth guides, and resource databases.

Compensation & Other Financial Benefits

  • Base Salary – TxDMV continually strives to offer market competitive rates of pay for all employees.
  • Advancement Opportunities – TxDMV supports internal promotion and advancement of current employees.
  • Retirement – Upon retirement, the State’s defined benefit plan provides a monthly annuity for employees’ lifetime The State contributes ten percent of each employee’s monthly salary towards employees’ retirement and employees contribute 9.5 percent of their salary to the retirement program. The contributions are combined when the employee retires.
  • Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) – The TAP provides support in the form of tuition assistance for eligible employees seeking self-improvement through college-level courses and standardized knowledge (CLEP) exams offered by accredited institutions of higher education.
  • Longevity Pay – Employees earn an additional $20 per month for every two years of state service.
  • Texa$aver 401(k) / 457 Program – In addition to the mandatory ERS retirement program, employees can contribute to a Texa$aver 401(k) and/or 457 retirement savings account. Texa$aver offers a variety of investment options at lower-than-average fees to help employees add to their ERS retirement income, for greater financial security when they stop working.
  • TexFlex Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) – A TexFlex account is a flexible spending account (FSA) that allows employees to set aside money from each monthly paycheck, pre-tax, to use for eligible out-of-pocket expenses. The monthly contributions are withdrawn from an employees’ paychecks and reduce taxable income. Employees may set up a TexFlex account for eligible health care expenses or dependent care expenses or both.
  • TexFlex Commuter Spending Account (CSA) – A CSA allows employees to set aside pre-tax money from their paycheck to use for eligible parking and transit expenses. The monthly contributions are withdrawn from an employees’ paychecks and reduce taxable income.
  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness – Employees may qualify for forgiveness of any remaining balance on Federal Direct Loan Program (FDLP) loans. Under this program, employees may qualify for forgiveness after the individual has made 120 qualifying payments. This forgiveness program applies to any public service organization, which includes government agencies such as TxDMV.
  • Discount Purchase Program (Beneplace) – The employee discount purchase program provides employees discounts on a variety of products and services, with no fees or membership requirements. Discounts range from automotive to dining & grocery to education to electronics to entertainment.
  • Workers Compensation - Employees sustaining a work-related injury or illness may be eligible for one or more of the following benefits: medical benefits, income benefits, death benefits, or burial benefits.
  • Opt out Credit for Health Insurance - Employees who have comparable health insurance to what the State provides are eligible to opt out of the state health insurance program and sign up for the Health Insurance opt out Credit. The opt out credit allows employees to apply up to $60 per month toward the premium(s) for dental, vision or other optional insurance coverages.
  • Direct Deposit – Direct deposit of monthly salary to employee’s designated bank or credit union. is easy for employees to set up.

Paid (and unpaid) Time Off

  • Paid Holidays - Employees are entitled to a paid day off from work on national, state and optional holidays observed by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. The list of State paid holidays is maintained by the State Auditor’s Office and can be found at the State holiday schedule. Typically, employees receive between 12 and 15 paid holidays each year.
  • Paid Sick Leave - Full-time employees earn eight hours of paid sick leave every month. Employees may use paid sick leave immediately upon employment when illness, injury or pregnancy prevents them from performing their duties. Employees may also use paid sick leave to care for an employee’s immediate family member who is ill.
  • Paid Vacation Leave - Full-time employees accrue paid vacation leave every month. New employees earn one day of paid vacation per month; and as employee service continues, the employee’s vacation rate of accrual increases.
  • Additional Paid Time for Illness or Injury – There are additional opportunities for paid sick leave time including:
    • Donated Sick Leave – Employees may donate any amount of their accrued sick leave to another eligible employee within TxDMV.
    • Extended Sick Leave (ESL) - ESL provides additional paid sick leave for employees who have a serious health condition and have exhausted all paid leave. Employees with at least one year of service may be eligible for 40 to 160 ESL hours depending on tenure and medical condition.
    • Sick Leave Pool (SLP) – SLP assists employees and their families if a catastrophic illness or injury causes the employee to exhaust their accrued paid leave. SLP is supported through employee contributions of donated sick leave.
  • Other leave time
    • Family Medical Leave – The family medical leave act (FMLA) entitles eligible employees to take twelve weeks of job-protected time off from work for personal injury or illness; to care for an immediate family member who is ill or injured; for birth or adoption; or for placement of a foster child.
    • Parental Leave – Parental leave provides job-protected leave for employees who do not qualify for FMLA. Parental leave entitles employees up to twelve weeks of job-protected leave for the birth of a child or the adoption or foster care placement of a child under the age of three.
    • Military Leave – Employees who are members of the state military or reserve components are entitled to up to fifteen paid leave days per federal fiscal year for training or for when called to active duty.
    • Veterans Leave – Veterans leave provides veterans up to fifteen days of paid leave each fiscal year to obtain medical or mental health care administered by the Veterans Health Administration of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

State Paid Insurance

  • Health Insurance - TxDMV pays 100 percent of the health insurance premium for full-time employees and 50 percent of the premium cost for dependents. Health insurance for new employees is effective the first day of the month following their 60th day of employment.
  • Basic Term Life Insurance - TxDMV pays 100 percent of the basic term life premium for full-time employees. Each policy is worth $5,000.
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance -TxDMV pays 100 percent of the AD&D insurance premium for full-time employees. Each policy is worth $5,000.

Optional Employee Paid Insurance

  • Dental Coverage – There are three options available to employees, including a preferred provider plan (PPO) insurance plan, a dental health maintenance organization insurance plan (DHMO), and a Dental Discount Plan.
  • Vision Coverage – With State of Texas vision, employees can save money on eye exams and eyewear for themselves and dependents with a small monthly premium and low copays.
  • Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) - CHIP offers low-cost health coverage for children from birth through age 18. CHIP is designed for families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford to buy private health coverage.
  • Additional Optional Life Insurance – Employees are eligible to purchase additional term life insurance (beyond the basic State paid $5,000 life insurance coverage). Life insurance coverage may be purchased at group rates in amounts from one to four times employees’ annual salary.
  • Dependent Term Life Insurance – Employees are eligible to purchase $5,000 in life insurance coverage for dependents. The monthly premium covers all eligible dependents.
  • Additional Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Ad&D) Insurance - Employees may purchase AD&D insurance for themselves and their dependents; the employee selects the amount of insurance coverage ranging from $10,000 to $200,000.
  • Disability Insurance – The Texas Income Protection Plan offers both short-term and long-term disability coverage that protects employees’ income by paying a percentage of the employee’s paycheck if the employee becomes disabled and can't work because of illness, injury, or pregnancy.
  • The Texas Legal Protection Plan (TLPP) - TLPP provides an array of legal services from participating attorneys, plus discounted fees for non-participating attorneys.

Training & Development Opportunities

  • Agencywide Training – Human Resources offers a variety of instructor-led training and professional development opportunities throughout the Department. Employees benefit personally and professionally from advanced training courses designed to improve health and wellness, communications, emotional intelligence, and more.
  • Leadership Development - The Texas DMV Progressive Leadership Academy discovers, develops, and grows leaders from within, spanning all levels of our workforce.
  • Online Training – There are a wide range of online training courses available to all staff. These range from specific computer applications to supervisory skills to personal growth and development, etc.
  • Division Training – There are opportunities for training specific to particular divisions or specific positions, provided by the relevant division staff.
  • Professional Certifications and Licensing - Employees are given support to achieve and maintain relevant professional certifications and licensing.

Employee Rewards & Recognition

  • Administrative Leave for Outstanding Performance - Administrative leave with pay may be granted as a reward for outstanding performance. Employees may be granted up to 32 hours during a fiscal year.
  • Service Tenure Recognition and Awards – Employees are acknowledged and recognized at TxDMV board meetings for every five years of state service. Additionally, employees receive a service award gift for every five years of state service.
  • Peer Recognition – Employees who observe or experience a co-worker providing customer service or collaborative support that is above and beyond what would normally be expected, may recognize the co-worker through the Peer Recognition Program. Employees complete a Peer Recognition certificate and share them with the co-worker being recognized.

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