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Statutes & Rules

The following state statutes and administrative rules are applicable to vehicle title and registration matters.

Texas Transportation Code

Certificate of Title Act:

Transportation Code Chapter 501

Registration of Vehicles:

Transportation Code Chapter 502

Miscellaneous Provisions:

Transportation Code Chapter 520

Privileged Parking:

Transportation Code Chapter 681

Texas Administrative Code

Vehicle Titles and Registration:

43 TAC – Chapter 217

TxDMV Learning Center

Welcome to the TxDMV Learning Center. We are committed to supporting our county partners with an expanding online training program.

Basic and advanced title and registration training is available online to TxDMV employees, county tax assessor-collectors and staff.

Technical Note: Your RTS workstation may not be configured to operate properly with the TxDMV Learning Center. Please use broadband Internet access to access the Learning Center.

We hope the course offering and features of the Learning Center provide value for your team and we look forward to your ideas.

If you would like to comment or make suggestions about the training content, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Continuing Education Credit Hours

For Tax Assessor-Collectors and Deputies, Continuing Education Credit may be considered for your participation in TxDMV hosted webinars. Please complete and submit the form below within 30 days of your attendance.

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Registration and Title Bulletins (RTBs)

Registration and Title Bulletins contain correspondence sent by TxDMV to county tax offices, who are the statutory agents for vehicle registration and titling in the State of Texas.


RTB # Subject Published
001-20 Issuance of Titles to Government Agencies for Certain Travel Trailers 01/09/20
002-20 Independent Motor Vehicle Dealers Operating as a Salvage Vehicle Dealer 01/09/20
003-20 Eligibility for Placement of a Communication Impediment Indicator 02/20/20
004-20 Operation of Off-Highway Vehicles and Golf Carts and the Issuance of License Plates 02/28/20
005-20 Titling Procedures and Waiving of Fees for Out of Business Dealer Applications 02/28/20
006-20 Title Transactions for Certain Off-Highway Vehicles Purchased Out of State 02/28/20
007-20 Additional Availability of the Bonded Title Process and Determination of Eligibility 03/26/20
008-20 Use of Court Orders in the Title Application Process 04/09/20
009-20 Application for Title During County Closure 04/16/20
010-20 Titling Procedures for Assembled Vehicles 06/11/20
011-20 Revised Title Revocation Rule for a First Sale 06/25/20


RTB # Subject Published
001-19 Elimination of Requirement for Proof of Paid Claim 02/28/19
002-19 Odometer Disclosure for Transfer of Electronic Titles by a Dealer 08/15/19
003-19 Notification of a Communication Impediment 08/15/19
004-19 Titling Requirements for Utility Vehicles (UTVs) and Sand Rails 08/16/19
005-19 Registration of Off-Highway Former Military Vehicles 08/22/19
006-19 Disabled Person License Plate & Disabled Parking Placard Application 08/22/19
007-19 Use of Customer Supplied License Plates on Eligible Vehicles 08/22/19
008-19 Transfer of Salvage or Nonrepairable Vehicles by Licensed Salvage Vehicle Dealers 11/7/19
009-19 Extended Registration Period for Eligible Trailers 12/5/19
010-19 Barcode Page and Application Assembly Procedures for Imaging 12/5/19
011-19 Dealer License Number and Buyer Tag Validation 12/12/19


RTB # Subject Published
001-18 Beneficiary Designation on Title 05/17/18
002-18 Improper Issuance of Temporary Tags for Courtesy Delivery Vehicles 06/21/18
003-18 Titles Surrendered by Salvage Entities in Error 07/13/18
004-18 New Registration and Title System (RTS) Workstation Lease Pricing 08/31/18
005-18 Titling in the Name of a Manufacturer 11/08/18
006-18 Delinquent Transfer Penalty Fees for Unrecovered Stolen Vehicles 12/13/18
007-18 Changes to Certified Copies of Texas Titles 12/13/18
008-18 Electronic Signature Requirements 12/13/18
009-18 Acceptance of Electronic Signatures by County Tax Assessor-Collectors 12/13/18


RTB # Subject Published
001-17 Washington Title Issue Date 03/16/17
002-17 Entity Title and/or Registration Verifications for Licensed
VSF Lien Foreclosures
003-17 Licensed Vehicle Storage Facility Lien Notifications 07/06/17
004-17 Waiver of Fees for Replacement Registration Sticker and/or License Plate(s) 07/27/17
005-17 Former Military Vehicles 07/27/17
006-17 Reassignment of Title by Insurance Companies 08/07/17
007-17 Changes to Travel Trailer Dimensions 08/10/17
008-17 Trailer and Semitrailer Title Policy 08/10/17
009-17 Procedures for Statutory Lienholders Pertaining to House Bill 3131 08/10/17
010-17 Required Law Enforcement Inspection for Certain Bonded Title Applications 08/17/17
011-17 Elimination of Registration Period Designation by the Vehicle Owner 08/17/17
012-17 Change to Inspection Requirements and a New Fee for Certain Trailers, Semitrailers, and Pole Trailers 08/17/17
013-17 Seizure of Disabled Person Parking Placards 08/29/17
014-17 Temporary Application Process for Vehicles Impacted by Hurricane Harvey 09/07/17
015-17 Waiver of Delinquent Transfer Penalty as a Result of Hurricane Harvey 09/07/17
016-17 Rebuilt Salvage Applications for Hail Damaged and Recovered Stolen Vehicles 09/07/17
017-17 Waiver of Duplicate Registration/Inquiry Receipt Fee as a Result of Hurricane Harvey 09/15/17
018-17 Package Delivery Plates Pertaining to House Bill 561 12/29/17


RTB # Subject Published
001-16 New Application for Texas Title and/or Registration (Form 130-U) 08/04/16
002-16 New Vehicle Identification Number Certification (Form VTR-270) and VIN Verification Requirements 08/04/16
003-16 Elimination of Statement of Physical Inspection (Form VTR-270) Requirement with Bonded Title Applications 08/04/16
004-16 New Trailer Verification Statement of Fact (VTR-141) 08/04/16
005-16 Changes to Insurance and Salvage Industry Specific Forms and Processes 09/15/16
006-16 Changes to the Form Used by Insurance Companies to Transfer Ownership 09/15/16
007-16 Process Change for Vehicle Ownership Evidence Surrendered on Form VTR-340 09/28/16
008-16 Process Change for Nuisance Abatement Vehicles 09/29/16
009-16 Red Flag Procedures 09/29/16
010-16 Determining Empty Weight of Certain Motor Vehicles 10/27/16
011-16 Elimination of Recreational Off-Highway or All-Terrain Vehicle Used for Farming or Lawn Care (Form VTR-329) and Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Statement of Ownership (Form VTR-330) 10/27/16
012-16 Third Party Verifications for Motor Vehicles with Texas Records 12/8/16
013-16 Salvage Vehicles Rebuilt by Salvage Vehicle Dealers 12/22/16


RTB # Subject Published
002-15 Storage Lien and Form VTR-265-S Revisions 01/22/15
004-15 Title and Registration for an Autocycle 05/26/15
005-15 Dealer Sales - Mandatory 24 Months Registration with Two-Year Inspection 06/18/15
006-15 Farmers’ Cooperatives and Marketing Associations Registration Exemption 06/18/15
007-15 Mandatory 24 Mos. of Reg. for New Vehicle Sales by Franchised Dealers 07/14/15
008-15 Mechanic’s Lien and Form VTR-265-M Revisions 08/27/15
009-15 Concealed Handgun License as an Acceptable Form of Identification 12/10/15
010-15 Appropriate Use of Powers of Attorney by Dealers 12/18/15
011-15 Use of the Dealer Reassignment with “Open” Reassignments 12/18/15


RTB # Subject Published
001-14 Revisions to the "Custom Vehicle" and "Street Rod" Program 02/27/14
002-14 ASE Safety Inspection for Assembled Vehicles 02/27/14
003-14 Permit License Plates 03/06/14
004-14 Title Package Processing 03/06/14
005-14 Title Package Retention 03/06/14
006-14 National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) Legal Restraint 03/17/14
007-14 NMVTIS Inquiry Errors Processing and NMVTIS Specially Marked Envelope 03/17/14
009-14 Capturing Surrendered Title Information 03/21/14
010-14 NMVTIS Notification of Brands 03/28/14
011-14 NMVTIS Guide 03/28/14
012-14 Introduction to RTS Version 7.4.0 05/08/14
013-14 Update to Identification (ID) Requirements 05/16/14
014-14 Procedural Updates for NMVTIS/Out-of-State Value Limiting Brands 07/31/14
015-14 Out-of-State Title Issue Dates 07/31/14
016-14 Automatic Title Issuance 08/21/14
017-14 Capture of Federal Employer Identification Number/Employer Identification Number 08/21/14
018-14 Owner Retained Legal Restraint Remark 08/21/14
020-14 Title Transaction Assembly Procedures and Direct Mailing 10/30/14
021-14 Notification Requirements for Miscellaneous Lien Foreclosures 12/11/14


RTB # Subject Published
001-13 2013 and Future Model Year Manual Corrections 01/29/13
003-13 Workstation Logoff/Restart Procedures 02/19/13
004-13 Introduction to WebAgent-Subcontractor (WebSub) Version 1.3.0 02/19/13
005-13 Motor Homes and Recreational Vehicles Exempt from Sales Tax Emissions Surcharge 02/21/13
006-13 Use of “Record Not Applicable” in the Registration and Title System (RTS) 02/25/13
007-13 Electronic Lien Title (ELT) Released to Third Party Change 03/06/13
008-13 New Certified Lienholders Approved for Electronic Lien Title (ELT) Program 03/08/13
009-13 Updated Title Package Report Assembly Procedures 03/21/13
010-13 Eligibility Rule for Farm License Plates 04/16/13
011-13 New TxDMV Website 04/25/13
012-13 CORRECTED COPY: Updated Title Package Report Assembly Procedures 05/21/13
013-13 Elimination of “Tonnage” in the Registration and Title System (RTS) 05/28/13
014-13 New Certified Lienholders Approved for Electronic Lien Title (ELT) Program 06/05/13
016-13 Delinquent Transfer Penalty 06/20/13
017-13 Issuance of Front and Rear Apportioned Plates 06/27/13
018-13 Retention of Application for Persons with Disabilities Parking Placard and/or License Plate (Form VTR-214) 06/28/13
019-13 Summary of 83rd Texas Legislature Bills 08/09/13
020-13 Military Specialty License Plates, 83rd Legislative Session 08/09/13
021-13 License Plate Replacement Policy 08/09/13
022-13 Issuance of Two License Plates for Certain Apportioned Vehicles 08/15/13
023-13 Legislative Changes for Disabled Parking Placards 08/26/13
024-13 Identification Requirements 08/26/13
025-13 Bonded Titles 08/26/13
026-13 Legal Name Requirement for Title Applications 08/26/13
027-13 Acceptance of Court Orders 08/26/13
028-13 Optional Titles for Trailers 4,000 Pounds or Less 08/26/13
029-13 Assignment of Vehicle Identification Numbers 08/26/13
030-13 Capturing Legal Name and Identification Information 09/05/13
031-13 Capturing Legal Name and Identification Information 09/11/13
033-13 HB 3256 - Eligibility for Farm License Plates and Excess Weight Permits 09/13/13
034-13 Mandatory Enrollment in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Internet Vehicle Title and Registration Service (IVTRS) Programs 09/19/13
035-13 Proof of Financial Responsibility on a Wireless Communication Device - Senate Bill (SB) 181 09/19/13
036-13 New Certified Lienholders Approved for Electronic Lien Title (ELT) Program 10/03/13
037-13 Procedures for Bonded Titles 10/15/13

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