Farm Truck

Farm Truck

Additional Info

  • Name: Farm Truck
  • Plate Fee: $0
  • Number Currently Registered: N/A
  • Available Since: N/A
  • Eligibility: Motor vehicle operated for the purpose of transporting poultry, dairy, livestock, livestock products, timber in its natural state, and farm products to market or to other points for sale or processing, or for the transportation of laborers from their place of residence, and materials, tools, equipment and supplies, without charge, from the place of purchase or storage to own farm or ranch, exclusively for own use on such farm or ranch. The vehicle may not be used in connection with other gainful employment other than farming or ranching.
  • How to Apply: Submit a completed application and supporting documentation to your local county tax assessor-collector office.
  • Type: TxDMV-Qualifying