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Commercial Fleet

Form # Title
2019-2020 APVD 2019 and 2020 Texas IRP Average Distance Chart
MCD-356 Texas Apportioned Registration Application and Renewal (Schedule A and Schedule B)
MCD-357 Texas International Registration Plan Cab Card Weight Schedule
MCD-358 Texas IRP External Application
MCD-359 Apportioned Registration New Application Checklist
MCD-361 Application for Forestry Vehicle Registration
MCD-467 Acceptable Distance Records for Audit

TxDMV Number

Form # Title
DMV-1899 Original Texas Motor Carrier Application
DMV-1899B Passenger Carrier Motor Carrier Application
DMV-1899H Household Goods Motor Carrier Application
DMV-1899T 7- or 90-Day Texas Motor Carrier Application
DMV-1900 Additional Motor Carrier Equipment Report
DMV-1901 Vehicle Change Form (Deletion, Out of Service, Replacement, or Activate)
DMV-1910 Supplemental Motor Carrier Application
DMV-1956 Agent Listing for Household Goods Carrier Alternative Registration


Form # Title
UCR-2018 2018 Unified Carrier Registration

OS/OW Permits

Form # Title
Deposit Slip Deposit Slip for Escrow Account
DMV-1575 Solid Waste Surety Bond
DMV-1575A Recyclable Material Surety Bond
DMV-1576 Solid Waste Surety Bond Certification
DMV-1576A Recyclable Material Surety Bond Certification
DMV-1577 Solid Waste Surety Bond Amendment
DMV-1577A Recyclable Material Surety Bond Amendment
DMV-1753 Over Axle and Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Bond
DMV-2274 Super Heavy Weight Document
DMV-2280 Shipper's Certificate of Weight
Escrow Letter Escrow Letter of Agreement
MCD-1754 Timber Permit Bond
MCD-102 Manufactured Housing Permit Facsimile Application
MCD-102C Manufactured Housing Permit Cash Payment Facsimile Application
MCD-106 General Permit Facsimile Application
MCD-106-M Mileage Permit Application
MCD-106C General Permit Cash Payment Facsimile Application
MCD-109 House Move Form
MCD-1700 Texas Self-Issue Application and Permit Form
MCD-1751 Over Axle and Over Gross Weight Tolerance Permit Application
MCD-1751A Weight Tolerance Sticker Replacement
MCD-1755 Annual Ready-Mixed Concrete Permit Application
MCD-1756 Annual Timber Permit Application
MCD-1757 MAP-21 Emergency Permit Application
MCD-204 Application for Quarterly Hubometer Permits -- Self-Propelled or Trailer-Mounted Units
MCD-300A Weight Supplement Sheet
MCD-301 Application for Annual Envelope Permit -- Oversize/Overweight
MCD-301A Application for Annual Oversize/Overweight Exempt Permit (TxDOT Vehicles Only)
MCD-301C Cash Application for Annual Envelope Permits -- Oversize/Overweight
MCD-302 Application for Time Permits
MCD-302C Cash Application for Annual Permits
MCD-305 SH CERT Certification Regarding Agreement to Transport Super Heavy Load(s)
MCD-305 Super Heavy Application Packet
MCD-306A Route Inspection Application
MCD-439 Superheavy or Oversize Permit Bond
MCD-LOC01 Instructions for Irrevocable Standby Letter of Credit

NAFTA Permits

Form # Title
VTR-29-NAFTA Texas NAFTA Permit Application
VTR-29-NAFTA-S Texas NAFTA Permit Application (Spanish Version)


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