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infoIntroducing eTITLE

We are excited to announce the addition of eTITLE to webDEALER. This new feature will facilitate the secure electronic transfer of titles between dealers in the wholesale market, making the title transfer process faster and easier than ever before. If you are using webDEALER, you already have access.

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infoTexas motor vehicle dealers and other licensees with metal plates: Return canceled, damaged, or unneeded metal plates to any of our 16 Regional Service Centers or the TxDMV Headquarters. To cancel metal plates login to your eLICENSING account and select “Plates & Stickers.”

In addition to reducing the potential for fraudulent use of industry license plates, this requirement provides Texas licensees a way to responsibly recycle over 4,000 industry plates every year.

For more information click the button below or contact us toll-free at 1-888-DMV-GOTX (1-888-368-4689) or at (512) 465-3000 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday.

Dealers: Please continue to return metal plates from customers’ motor vehicles to your local TAC office.

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TxDMV issues and renews the various types of licenses necessary for different facets of the sale and distribution of motor vehicles in Texas. The rules for licenses, vehicle advertising, hearings, and the Lemon Law are set by the TxDMV Board and are located in the Statutes and Rules section.


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License Types



  • Assembles, installs, or affixes a body, cab or special equipment to a chassis, or
  • Substantially adds, subtracts from or modifies a previously assembled or manufactured motor vehicle other than a motor home, ambulance or fire-fighting vehicle.


  • Necessary for new vehicle sales
  • Operate under agreements with manufacturers or distributors

Independent (GDN)

  • Basic dealer license
  • Allows to buy, sell or exchange the type of used vehicle for which the GDN is issued


  • Allows drive-a-way operator to transport and deliver a vehicle in Texas from the manufacturer or another point of origin
  • Drive-a-way operators may apply for, receive, and attach metal in-transit license plates to the vehicles they transport.


  • The lease facilitator license may operate as a leasing agent or leasing company.
  • The lessor license is required, under the terms of a lease agreement, to give another person the right to possess and use a motor vehicle.
  • Franchised dealers do not have to apply for a separate lessor license to be able to lease the vehicles they are licensed to sell.


  • Manufactures or assembles new motor vehicles.


  • Distributes or sells new motor vehicles to a franchised dealer, or
  • Enters into franchise agreements with franchised dealers on behalf of the manufacturer

Salvage Dealer

  • Buy or sell more than five salvage or nonrepairable motor vehicles in a calendar year;
  • Repairs or rebuilds more than five salvage motor vehicles in the same calendar year.

MP910221009TxDMV Motor Vehicle Division and Enforcement Division are pleased to offer services to our existing dealers/licensees and those in the application process. We are here to serve you.

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New Vehicle Shows & Exhibitions

New vehicle shows and exhibitions are regularly scheduled public events that feature multiple new vehicle vendors. Product specialists, sales, or other expert staff are typically on hand to educate consumers about new models and features in the new motor vehicles on display.

Events are governed by the:

  • Texas Occupations Code §2301.358,
  • Texas Transportation Code Chapter §503.003 and §728.002
  • Texas Administrative Code, Title 43, Chapter 215.

Texas law allows a license holder to display or sell certain types of motor vehicles at shows and exhibitions if the license holder notifies the Motor Vehicle Division before the event takes place. No fee is required.

This chart summarizes current law:

New Vehicle Shows & Exhibitions
Vehicle Type License Holders Who May Display at Events License Holders Who May Sell at Events Requires Notice to TxDMV?
Ambulances All Franchised Dealers Yes
Fire-Fighting Vehicles All Franchised Dealers Yes
Motor Homes All Franchised Dealers Yes
Tow Trucks All Underlying Chassis Franchised Dealers Yes
Towable Recreational Vehicles All Franchised Dealers Yes
Automobiles All None Yes
Buses All None Yes
Converted Vehicles All None Yes
Independent Mobility All None Yes
Motorcycles & Autocycles All None Yes
Motor Scooters & Mopeds All None Yes
Trucks (all types) All None Yes
All-Terrain Vehicles All None Yes
Neighborhood Vehicles All None Yes
Utility Vehicles All None Yes
Utility Trailers/Semitrailers All All No

License holders must be licensed for the specific vehicle type and line-make displayed or sold, and include manufacturers, distributors, converters, and dealers depending on the vehicle type.

License holders who are not legally authorized to sell a new motor vehicle at shows or exhibitions may only display a Manufacturer’s Standard Retail Price (MSRP) or a Monroney label or sticker in or near each vehicle. License holders who are authorized to sell vehicles at shows and exhibitions must follow the same rules that apply to vehicle sales at their licensed locations.

Show or exhibition advertising must comply with TxDMV’s advertising rules found in 43 TEX. ADMIN. CODE §§ 215.241 - 215.271 Texas Administrative Code- Advertising Rules.

Failing to timely file the notification or providing incomplete or inaccurate information may be used as evidence and result in civil penalties.

How to Notify the Motor Vehicle Division

License holders complete Notification Form MVD-NF101. Completed forms must be emailed to or faxed to (512) 465-4135. Please keep a copy for your records.

Exhibition and Show Notification 9/1/2019

New Motor Vehicle Displays Not Requiring Notice

Not all public displays of new motor vehicles qualify as a show or exhibition. A license holder is not required to provide notice for the following:

  • a public display of a new motor vehicle if the license holder’s employee or agent will not be present at the display;
  • a public display of a new motor vehicle at a charity, civic, or community event (e.g. fundraisers, rodeos, parades, and fairs); or
  • a new vehicle displayed at a private event that is not open to the public.

Utility trailer/semi-trailer license holders are not required to give notice before participating in a show or exhibition.

webDealer iconThe webDEALER system allows dealers to process title applications and new registrations online. TxDMV Regional Service Centers assist county tax offices with setting up dealer access to the system.

Phase 1 of webDEALER included statewide rollout to dealers of new vehicles. Phase 2 has included rollout to dealers of used vehicles, beginning with a pilot group and extending statewide to all dealers March 1, 2015. Future phases of webDEALER will expand use to salvage dealers and private party sales.

If you would like to sign up for webDEALER, contact your local county tax office. For a list of counties currently participating in webDEALER, select the link provided below.

More Information

Web Service Specifications

List of Counties Actively Using webDEALER

Equipment Requirements for webDEALER

webDEALER 4.1.1 Dealer User Guide

webDEALER 3.1.1 Commercial Fleet Buyer User Guide

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License holder categories eligible for metal dealer plates include:

  • Franchised or Independent motor vehicle dealers
  • Franchised or Independent motorcycle dealers
  • Franchised or Independent travel trailer dealers
  • Utility trailers or Semi-trailer dealers
  • Independent mobility motor vehicle dealers
  • Motor vehicle converter
  • Motorcycle converter
  • In-transit operator
  • Wholesale dealer
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor

License holder may apply for metal plates online in eLICENSING. From the home page select Plates and Stickers and follow the prompts.