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Representative Licenses


A representative is a person who:

  • is or acts as an agent or employee for a manufacturer, distributor or converter, and
  • performs any duty in Texas relating to promoting the distribution or sale of new motor vehicles, or contacts dealers in this state on behalf of a manufacturer, distributor, or converter.

A person may act as a representative for more than one manufacturer, distributor, or converter, but a separate license must be obtained for each company represented.

The representative’s license term matches the entity being represented (manufacturer, distributor, or converter). Likewise, it expires and is renewed with the entity’s license.

A representative is not allowed to sell new or used motor vehicles to Texas consumers, including municipalities.

The definition of representative does not include office or clerical personnel, production personnel, etc., whose duties do not include contacting franchised dealers or dealership employees. See Texas Occupations Code §2301.002(29) and Texas Administrative Code §215.102 for details.

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