Close a license?

How Do I Close a License?

  • Log into eLICENSING.
  • Select the “Close a License” option and provide the information related to this change.
  • There is no fee to close a license
  • When you close your license, any associated plates are automatically canceled.
  • Complete a Plate Inventory Form (LF707), and mail or drop off metal plates, temporary tags, stickers, and plate receipts at the closest Regional Service Center (RSC) or the TxDMV Headquarters within 10 days of license closure.
  • Find the closest Regional Service Center (RSC) using the “Find Your RSC” locator on this page or download the pre-addressed mailing label for the TxDMV Headquarters.

LF707 Plate Inventory Form

TxDMV HQ Mailing Label