Accessibility Policy

We are committed to making our Web site accessible to all users. To make the site more accessible, we include several features designed to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. Some of these features are described below.

A descriptive text equivalent is provided for images and other non-text elements, aiding users who listen to the content of the site by using a screen reader, rather than reading the site.

Major reports and other special publications that are made available on the Web site are generally available in html or other accessible format. When publishing a document in PDF, we will also post an accessible version or a link for simple conversion to html.

We are committed to making its Web site accessible according to the standards set forth by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). To improve the accessibility of our Web site, we test any major redesign with several screen readers and other Web tools. The results of these reviews are incorporated into the Web site. We use various tools for site validation, including Bobby and W3C, and it is our goal to achieve the highest level of accessibility attainable.

We welcome comments on how to improve the site's accessibility for users with disabilities. If you use assistive technology and the format of any material on our Web site interferes with your ability to access the information, please e-mail us. To enable us to respond in a manner most helpful to you, please indicate the nature of your accessibility problem, the preferred format in which to receive the material, the Web address of the requested material and your contact information.

Additional information about accessibility programs in Texas is available from the Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities.

Privacy and Security Policy

This web site is an official Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) computer system operated for authorized use only and provided as a public service. This policy describes TxDMV's privacy and security practices regarding information collected from visitors to the site, including what information is collected and how that information is used.

Regardless of the information being transmitted to TxDMV, we will protect all such information consistent with applicable law. The privacy of our customers and the security of this site are of utmost importance to TxDMV. This policy applies to all pages beginning with and

Note: This policy does not apply whenever visitors leave the TxDMV domains and follow a link to another site, including the sites of state agencies and local governments.

Notice of Monitored Use

This site is monitored to ensure proper operation, to verify the function of applicable security features and for similar purposes. Unauthorized attempts to upload information, change information on this site, or otherwise cause damage are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under Texas Penal Code Chapters 33 (Computer Crimes) or 33A (Telecommunications Crimes).

If you visit a TxDMV site . . .

To read or download information:

We may collect and store the number of visitors to the site for statistical purposes. We may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site, for example, to help us make them more useful to visitors. This information is also gathered for anonymous File Transfer Protocol (ftp), remote account login, or for other comparable connections.

To send us e-mail:

By sending us an e-mail message, such as a request for information, you may be sending us personal information (i.e., name, address, e-mail address). We may store the name and address of the requestor in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter of your e-mail.

To register:

Information which may be collected at this site through questionnaires, feedback forms, or other means, enables us to determine a visitor's interests, with the goal of providing better customer service.

Cookies and Web Bugs

The TxDMV site may use cookies to provide interactive pages, such as web-based forms and surveys. TxDMV does not use cookies for other purposes. The TxDMV site does not use web bugs (also called web beacons or Clear Graphics Interchange Formats (GIFs)) to track or report visitor information.

Release of Information

All information collected or maintained by TxDMV is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act (Chapter 552, Texas Government Code). The identity of most members of the public who communicate with state agencies through the Internet is confidential under Texas law. Exceptions to confidentiality may be reviewed at Texas Government code, Section 552.137.

TxDMV complies with the State Web Site Link and Privacy Policy. TxDMV encourages organizations that link to this web site to comply with the provisions of the State Web Site Link and Privacy Policy, especially regarding protection of the privacy rights of individuals, and to make reasonable efforts to provide accessible sites.

Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)

Federal law prohibits the TxDMV from disclosing or confirming any of your personal information to the general public. This law, the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA), makes it illegal for the general public, including the media, to obtain, publish or confirm personal information about you from the state motor vehicle database. The law does provide exceptions for certain entities, such as courts and police.

Texas law provides additional protection under the Motor Vehicle Records Disclosure Act, and the Public Information Act (Section 552.130).

However, be aware that other businesses may collect and sell information on you and your vehicle. Generally, these are motor vehicle-related businesses that capture information in their computer systems. These businesses are not covered under the federal and state privacy protection laws.


Use of the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles ("TxDMV") Web site ("Site") is governed by the following terms, conditions, and disclaimers ("Terms"). Users of this Site agree to abide by these Terms.

This Site may include facts, views, or opinions of individuals or organizations not affiliated with TxDMV. TxDMV does not endorse, guarantee, or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of these facts, views, or opinions. TxDMV specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from facts, views, or opinions of individuals or organizations not affiliated with TxDMV appearing on this Site.

This Site may contain links to other Internet sites maintained by third parties which the department believes may be of interest or of use to users of the Site, but for which TxDMV has no responsibility. TxDMV makes no effort to independently verify information on Internet sites outside of the "" domain, nor does it attempt to exert editorial control over such information. TxDMV makes no representations or warranty of any kind as to the accuracy or any other aspect of the information contained on such Internet sites. TxDMV specifically disclaims any and all liability for any claims or damages that may result from information on Internet sites outside of the "" domain.

TxDMV does not endorse any of the commercial products or services referenced in this Site. Any mention of commercial products or services is for information purposes only. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is providing this information only as a convenience to the user of this Site.




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