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016-13 Delinquent Transfer Penalty

Registration and Title Bulletin - #016-13

Date: June 20, 2013

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Delinquent Transfer Penalty


To advise all counties that, effective immediately, the Delinquent Transfer Penalty has a maximum cap of $250.


With the passage of HB 2741, effective immediately, the Delinquent Transfer Penalty for late title transfer is capped at a maximum of $250.

We are working on programming to automate the penalty fee cap in the Registration and Title System (RTS). In the meantime, the following workaround should be used in the event of any delinquent transfer penalty exceeding $250:

  • On the “Sales Tax” TTL012 screen, if the amount displayed is more than $250, you will need to manually enter: “$250.00”
  • When the penalty amount is modified, the “Supervisor Override” CTL004 screen will display, and you will need to enter a Supervisor Code

Further information will be distributed when RTS programming is complete.


Distribute this workaround as appropriate. For additional information on the Delinquent Transfer Penalty, refer to RTB #008-12 (which lists requirements to collect the penalty, including exemptions), and RTB #005-11 (for background information).


If you have questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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