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016-12 No Death Certificate Required for Heirship Affidavit

Registration and Title Bulletin - #016-12

Date: May 25, 2012


All County Tax Assessor-Collectors


No Death Certificate Required for Heirship Affidavit


To advise that a death certificate is not required when transferring a vehicle title using an heirship affidavit.


Under Transportation Code, Section 501.074, the department shall issue a new title for a motor vehicle for which the ownership is transferred by operation of law. In some situations involving a deceased owner, the heirs may sell, transfer or assign ownership of a motor vehicle using Form VTR-262, "Affidavit of Heirship for a Motor Vehicle." The deceased owner's death certificate is not required and should not be requested to transfer ownership when this affidavit is submitted.


Advise all staff that a death certificate may not be required with an heirship affidavit when the application for title is supported by a properly completed Form VTR-262.


If you have any questions, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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