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041-11 Specialty License Plates Added by the 82nd Legislative Session

Registration and Title Bulletin - #041-11

Date: August 04, 2011


All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Specialty License Plates Added by the 82nd Legislative Session


To inform you of new specialty license plates resulting from the 82nd Legislative Session.


The Texas Legislature this year passed several bills to establish new specialty license plates, including a "Choose Life" specialty plate (SB 257) and several qualifying specialty plates. The chart below lists the specialty plates, the bill number and applicable fees:

Specialist License Plates Bill No.

1st set

Plate Fee/Reg Fee

2nd set

Plate Fee/Reg Fee

Bronze Star/Bronze Star with Valor HB 559 $0 + $0 $0 + Reg.
Distinguished Service Medal SB 1755 $0 + $0 $0 + Reg.
Surviving Spouse Disabled Veteran* HB 3580 $0 + Reg. $0 + Reg.
U.S. Paratrooper (name change only) SB 461 $0 + Reg. $0 + Reg.
Woman Veteran HB 1178 $0 + Reg. $0 + Reg.
Gold Star Father SB 896 $0 + Reg. One set only
Choose Life SB 257 $30 + Reg. $30 + Reg.

*The "Surviving Spouse Disabled Veteran" plate does not offer the same parking privileges as the "Disabled Veteran" (DV) plate.

Additionally, SB 1755 provides that active and former military personnel who are eligible for a DV license plate and also qualify for an applicable meritorious service medal will be given the option to include an emblem of the medal on their DV plate. (Example: Purple Heart Emblem will be allowed on a DV specialty plate if the DV was awarded the Purple Heart.)

The bills are effective September 1, 2011; however, a programming implementation date is not yet established. You will receive further notification about the availability of the new specialty license plates in the near future.

Please refer any requests for the Bronze Star, Bronze Star with Valor or the Distinguish Service Medal to the Special Plates Section at 512-374-5010, Option 3.

The "U.S. Paratrooper" plate will be available for order on September 1, 2011. The customer will receive the new plate, although in RTS the plate will display as "Airborne Parachutist" until programming can be accomplished.


Contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center if you have questions.

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