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018-08 Introduction to Registration and Title System Version 5.8.0

Registration and Title Bulletin - #018-08

Date: July 31, 2008

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Introduction to Registration and Title System Version 5.8.0


These documents contain text of correspondence sent by TxDOT to the county tax assessor-collectors, statutory agents who provide vehicle registration and titling services for citizens in Texas. This information is provided to apprise the general public of issues affecting the state's vehicle titling and registration process.


To provide information regarding the changes to RTS to accommodate the addition of new vendor specialty plates to be offered statewide and other RTS changes.


Updates to the RTS application to be covered in version 5.8.0 Release Notes include:

  • Addition of vendor specialty plates offered by My Plate, LLC
  • Elimination of placard fee for a permanent disabled parking placard
  • Automated collection of the county mobility fee
  • New vehicle make (SMRT - SMART)
  • New department specialty plate (Houston Rockets)
  • Various fixes and activity changes

Any vendor specialty plate requests, including all new vendor plate applications and renewals will be handled directly by My Plates. However, customers will pay for their vehicle registration separately at the county.

Processing vendor specialty plates is much the same as the current specialty plate process in RTS. Hwever, at least for the short term, the vendor specialty plate the registration expiration dates will not be synced. The vendor plate will simply be linked to the RTS record.

Note: When linking the plates to the vehicle, special care should be taken to ensure the plate type selected in RTS matches that shown on the label sent with the plates.

Provision in RTS for prorating the vendor plate fee to allow for syncing the expiration dates for combined renewal notice and exchange purposes is underway and should be available in early 2009.


You may use the following as a general guideline regarding the vendor specialty plates:

  • New vendor plate application: Refer Customer to My Plates at (877) 769-7528 (877-MYPLAT) or the My Plates Web site.
  • Renewal: At this time, a vendor specialty plate cannot be renewed in the Specialty Plate Renewal Event. Customers must renew through My Plates.
  • Exchange: Process stays largely the same; however, the vendor specialty plate expiration will probably not match the vehicle's registration expiration in RTS since these dates are not synced at this time.
  • Replacement: The $5.30/$6.30 replacement fee will still apply to lost, stolen and mutilated specialty plates. Customers that are dissatisfied with their My Plates order because of a manufacturing defect may reque3st a replacement at no charge.
  • Refunds: No refunds will be approved.
  • Persons requesting the International Symbol of Access (ISA): For new vendor plate applications, eligible disabled persons must send a photocopy of Form VTR-214 to My Plates in order to begin plate manufacture. The original, signed Form VTR-214 must be presented to the tax collector's office when the customer picks up their plates.

"T For Texas" Plate Pattern: One premium-level vendor plate to be offered by My Plates features a "T For Texas" slogan. This plate displays a large stylized "T" as part of the design, and the plate may be personalized with up to five alphanumeric characters (in addition to the "T").

Important: Please be aware that with personalized and non-personalized versions of this plate, the "T" must be included as part of the license number entered in RTS. In the example below, the license number would be entered as TB01BB.

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