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002-07 Issuance of Exempts, Texas Guard and Armed Forces Reserve Specialty License Plates through the Registration and Titling System (RTS)

Registration and Title Bulletin - #002-07

Date: January 18, 2007

To: All County Tax Assessor-Collectors

Subject: Issuance of Exempts, Texas Guard and Armed Forces Reserve Specialty License Plates through the Registration and Titling System (RTS)

These documents contain text of correspondence sent by TxDOT to the county tax assessor-collectors, statutory agents who provide vehicle registration and titling services for citizens in Texas. This information is provided to apprise the general public of issues affecting the state's vehicle titling and registration process.


The purpose of this bulletin is to advise you that all applications for Exempt, Texas Guard and Armed Forces Reserve specialty license plates and title applications will be processed through the RTS in county tax offices beginning January 22, 2007. Training will be provided prior to implementation and will cover the following issues.


Exempt agencies will apply for title (with or without a lien) and exempt registration in the county where the exempt agency is located.

  • A current list of approved exempt agencies will be provided through RTS.
  • The county tax offices will process new applications and replacements for standard exempt license plates. Standard exempt plates are seven-digit plates with the word "Exempt" at the top of each plate, along with a replacement year identifier at the bottom of each plate.
  • Standard Exempt license plate registration does not expire; however, the replacement year identifier will serve as a reminder to the exempt agency that the plates should be replaced due to the loss of reflectivity (please see RTB 023-06).
  • The county tax office will also process regular exempt license plates that expire annually. Regular exempt license plates are general issue license plates issued in an exempt agency's name.
  • Exempt agencies will surrender the exempt plates and receipt to their local regional office when a vehicle is sold, junked, or salvaged.
  • The county tax office will receive $1.90 for each registration receipt issued.
  • This new procedure does not affect vehicles registered through our alias exempt program. The Special Registration Branch will continue to process these transactions.
  • Procedures for Texas Guard and Armed Forces Reserve license plates have been changed. Previously, the registration fee stayed with the plates, not the vehicle, and the plates expired in June of each year. The current procedure allows the registration to stay with the vehicle and registration is staggered. This allows the plates to be treated like all the other specialty license plates (Registration Manual update to follow).


If you have any questions or need any additional information, please contact your local Vehicle Titles and Registration Division Regional Office or the Customer Help Desk at (512) 465-7611.

In some cases the Registration and Title Bulletins (RTB) contain attachments. If you require a copy of the original signed RTB and the attachments, please e-mail us and include the RTB number. Repeat requests are subject to charges in accordance with Open Record policies. A subscription service is also available for an annual fee of $250. Subscribers will automatically

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