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TxDPS - Border Auto Theft Information Center

TxDPS - Border Auto Theft Information Center

spacerTxDPS - Border Auto Theft Information Center

11612 Scott Simpson, El Paso, TX 79936



BATIC was created in 1994 to assist law enforcement agencies. The center is a liaison between the U.S., Mexico and Central America to assist in the recovery of stolen vehicles. The BATIC Specialists query VINs, license plates, vehicle parts, heavy equipment, boats, aircrafts and much more by utilizing TCIC!NCIC; TLETS!NLETS, ISO c1aimsearch, NAQ, REPUVE, OCRA, CHIHUAHUA PORTAL and other databases to obtain and provide information to law enforcement personnel. With the many contacts throughout Mexico, BATIC personnel also verify certain foreign identification cards. At present there are six Specialists and one Supervisor running the center. The center receives between 780 - 820 inquiries per day.


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